Are you listening to your heart?

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Have you ever sat in meditation, witnessing a particular thought—one that kept entering your mind’s eye over and over again? Perhaps it was one that went something like this?

What’s it like to do a yoga teacher training? 

Or more likely, it was a train of thoughts, chugging along, one car to the next.  

Yeah, what IS it like to do a yoga teacher training? 

Hmmm. I kinda wanna do one. 

What should I make for dinner? 

But, three thousand dollars, that’s a lot!

Pasta? Maybe that chickpea stuff from Whole Foods? 

I wonder if there’s WIFI. 

I could make that 5-minute red sauce and open that bottle of red from Trader Joe’s. 

A whole month without wine? Maybe I could find one with wine. Surely, there’s one in France. Or Italy. Maybe Spain?

Damn, I doubt any good yoga teacher training would have wine. Every. Night.

No, I can’t handle that. I’m no tea-totaler. 

I’ll never do a yoga teacher training. 

Too expensive. No wine. 

And before you know it, your 10-minute morning meditation’s up. But then the next morning, you notice an eerily familiar thought train tootin’ it’s horn steadily down the tracks, once again. It revolves around yoga. Pasta. Red wine. Is the Universe trying to tell you something? Is it true that we think roughly the same thoughts over and over again, year after year? Perhaps. 

Or maybe you’re at a juncture in your life. Ready to take the leap. Open to whatever life has in store. And those same nudges keep coming up for you, each morning as you sit to meditate. Yoga. Teacher. Training. 



My point here is this:

When we take the time to sit and meditate, we become privy to what we need and want. Sure, sometimes our thoughts are just thoughts. They don’t hold much meaning beyond what we’d like to have for dinner. Other times, the meditation space we give ourselves offers us a sanctuary to get to know what’s coming up again, and again, and again. Because we give ourselves the time to pay attention, over an extended period of time. 

If there’s a desire that keeps coming up, chances are it’s coming from the deep wellspring of our heart. During meditation, we get to see into the window of our heart’s deepest desires. We get to connect to it, the place the yogis call the seat of the soul. This is something we typically don’t do in our daily lives. We’re not taught or encouraged to practice heart connection. We’re typically taught it’s the mind that knows best. 

If there’s a theme for you, over a period of time, pay attention to it. Then watch how your mind tries to sabotage the desires of your heart. You can count on the fact that it will! Pay attention to that, too, and see it for what it is. Our mind is often speaking to us from a place of fear. It’s just the way our biology is programmed. Our hearts, however, they’re coming from a place of love. 

This is what I’d like you to take away from this blog, and what I’ve been pondering lately…