Timing is everything

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And so I searched and I searched, and I searched for a yoga teacher training. 

There’s a website called bookyogaretreats that lists nearly every yoga retreat and teacher training under the sun. It’s not inclusive of every, single yoga teacher training in the world, but it’s pretty darn close.

At the moment, bookyogaretreats lists events, retreats, and trainings from 2,904 different organizations worldwide. You could spend hours upon days upon weeks, dreaming up various fantasy schemes for future yoga adventures. 

And, I did. 

My eyes hurt from squinting at my laptop during evening hours day after day. The reading glasses I bought from the dollar store helped, but I still had a headache—probably from too many whirling thoughts about Thailand, Bali, India—the price of this training, the cost of that one. It was exhausting. But fun! Although, my eyes still hurt from all the internet obsessing. Thank god there’s a yoga sequence for that!  

One yoga teacher training in Hawaii stood out, but it was on the Big Island and I’d already lived there once before. Why hadn’t I done my teacher training then? When I was already in the lap of yoga luxury in tropical island bliss? I could just kick myself! 

But, nothing ever happens until the time is right. Nothing. 

And if you look back at your life and piece together the experiences and events from your current perspective, going backwards, all the pieces are woven together in an elegant fashion that make you wonder if there is such a thing as destiny. 

I believed there was. Or at least some kind of divine plan. 

But, know that the divine plan unfolds slowly. And most likely not as quickly as you’d like it to. 

There’s something called deep time I remember hearing once from tantric meditation teacher Sally Kempton. We plant all kinds of seeds in our lives. But, sometimes those seeds take a very long time to grow and flower. And that’s ok. In fact, it’s more than ok. 

That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The fact that I was just now getting around to a yoga teacher training after having been dedicated to the practice my entire adult life is an example of this deep time for something to come to fruition. 

You may have had an idea for a project 10 or 15 years ago, and it’s only now, when you’ve aged and matured a bit (or a lot) that you’re better prepared to bring that project to life. 

We are so rushed and bent towards instant gratification today that in my eyes, it’s become almost absurd. 

If we follow the pace of nature, and know that hers is slow and patient, life becomes a more elegant dance of surrender. We still get things done. But not in a haphazard sort of way. We create and move with the natural rhythms of the universe, instead of trying to control or override nature like we’ve been doing lately. I believe if we can weave this kind of elegance into our own lives, the ride will be that much more pleasant and fulfilled. 

So, I would ease up a bit on my frantic way of searching for a yoga teacher training, and know that the right one for me would show up at exactly the right time